January 19, 2015

Review: Hunger's Mate (part 1) by A.C. Arthur

Hunger's Mate Part 1

Series: Shadow Shifters; bk 5 part 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Published: January 15, 2015

January 16, 2015

Micro Dermal Removal @ Home

Well it happened. The thing I was most worried about came true, thanks to the help of an 11 year old who felt the need to throw a bean bag at my chest. My micro dermal had to be removed. *sad face*

January 13, 2015

2015 Challenges (Reading & Other)

Of course, I am late on posting this up but I've been a busy little bee. This year I have signed up for 6 reading challenges, the ones listed below as well as the Goodreads Reading Challenge. But I've also signed up for another challenge that doesn't have anything to do with reading. Check them out below!

January 10, 2015

Movie Review: The Equalizer

One of the. Best. Movies. ever. It was so freaking insane! My brother rented it from the Red Box down at the corner store but it became obvious, fast, that this is a movie to own. Denzel Washington is one bas ass mamba Jamba in this movie and is perfect for a date night movie in-doors... unless you're not the kind of girl that likes violent movies with lots of awesomeness and murder. If that's not your cup of tea than I would pass on this one, but seriously, it is awesome and a must see!

January 7, 2015

The Boy Next Door... is A Pyscho

Mix together Jennifer Lopez + 1 Hot guy + a Crazy Obsession and you'll get one must see movie!

I have a feeling the upcoming release of The Boy Next Door will become a quick favorite of mine. Not only does it look intense and interesting but look at the guy (Ryan Guzman) playing Noah. Sure he seems to have way too many issues in this movie, but lets be honest, he is pleasant on the eyes... I hope his character doesn't die...

If you have yet to catch the previews for The Boy Next Door (in theaters January 23, 2015) than watch it below (did anyone else mistake him for Theo James at first or was it just me?) and let me know what your thoughts are. Do you plan on watching it? I think I am going to try to catch this one while it's in theaters instead of waiting for the DVD version to release like I normally do... I have this thing about movie theaters. I'm not too good with people interrupting a movie I'm watching

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