March 20, 2014

The End of That Girl Reads. . . Farewell Cruel World!


You're leaving us?. . . Why?

I've been thinking about this, long and hard, for several months now. Even more so that my moving out onto my parents property, out in the middle of nowhere with very little around to connect with anyone else, is getting to become a close reality for me (more on this later). I've decided to end my book blogging days. For good this time. I've done this in the past, but never quite committed to it or sure if it was something I was sure about. This time however I am certain that this is what I want to do and am 100% committed to it. It's just not fun, and to be honest being harassed about my opinion, which is usually asked for, by the author or their super fans when my opinion doesn't stroke their little egos is just getting old; and lets be honest book blogging has changed a lot in recent years, it's more demanding, it's more time consuming, and it's more frustrating. 

Now, before any of you jump to conclusions, my most recent problems with the author who refuses to let any bad review go unpunished is not what is making me step back from book blogging. Not completely anyways. She just hammered the nail into the coffin so to speak. My tolerance for ignorant whiny people has been shot to hell and back and to avoid myself completely going into uber bitch mode on people I just want to quit while I'm still able to be nice. Most importantly I have to separate myself from something that isn't bringing me any sort of income and put it as a secondary thing in my life, not the number one. My writing, life, and working to earn an income has taken back burner for too long and those are the things I need to focus on most.

So what will you do now?

This is something I've thought a lot about. Books define a great part of my life and I don't do much of anything special to really gather peoples interest. However I've noticed that while I really have no creative juices flowing here at home, that whenever I go to my parents property to work on clearing some land and drilling a well that the peace and solitude and silence just inspires me to do things. Blog, write, paint, draw, read, create, and most importantly. . . to live. While I am saying farewell to the book blogging world I am not saying good bye to blogging completely. I'm just turning a new leaf in life and the blogging world. I haven't decided completely as to what will be my next blogging venture but once I figure it out I will let you know. The blog is staying up, but in the future just look for a new name and a major change in what gets up. :)

Most importantly. . .

To everyone who worked with me, and that I have worked with, in the book blogging community thank you for all of the help, the support and even the laughs. To everyone else, just remember. This isn't a goodbye, it's the start of a new beginning.


  1. Replies
    1. Don't be sad, I'm leaving book blogging for good, not regular blogging. Im just on a mini vacation until I figuer out what it is I want to focus on blogging about. ; )

  2. May you find the peace of mind and tranquility you are craving for!
    Though we never cooperated, I used to visit from time to time your page!
    Carmen from

    1. Thank you Carmen, I seriously can't wait for hat tranquility to begin either. I really need it at the moment.


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