May 3, 2014

That Girl is Back!


It has been about a month since I announced my closing down as a book review blog. I promised you all that it wasn't a goodbye, I was just moving myself and this blog in a different direction. The month that I was away from blogging of any kind was very much needed. Not only did it remind me why I love sharing things with you all but why I love to have a personal space that I could use as a "private" outlet as well. You have probably noticed that my appearance on Facebook and Twitter have been just as scarce as my appearances on others blogs. It was nothing personal, I care and appreciate all of you, but I just needed time to myself to get back to focus. To me.

So here is where this little blog of mine is going. Soon it will have a new name, as well as a new possible URL. The name will come first as I really hate changing URL addresses and have not fully decided on if that is one aspect of this blog that I will change or not. It's just an address after all. I have yet to decide on a name though as this is always a hard decision to come by, those of you who have blogs know what I mean. Naming your blog is probably just about as important as the content you decide to place on it. As for the  "new direction" there are several new things that I will be blogging about. For the most part though it will focus on writing.

Am I an expert at writing? Not by any means. However, I won't exactly be the one offering tips, I will find others who are more experienced in the writing business to offer them to you. My hopes is to have authors, publishers, literary agents, publicists and editors stop by with a guest post or interview that will help those of us writers who would like a little friendly advice from those in the know-how about the business.

Every day I will be posting up daily writing prompts, that I hope you will all join me in. For the most part these will be prompts that I have found online (any that I borrow from other sites will always be properly credited to those who deserve it), but I will also be looking to my readers for prompt ideas for me and everyone else to do. Not only will I be having guest posts from the professionals and daily writing prompts but I will also be posting some much needed inspiration for writers, in the form of quotes or images that I have found to be very helpful. Writing is a very hard job, inspiration is always needed in my opinion.

You all know that I am not just a "one track" mind kind of girl. There will be more themes than writing on the new blog. One of them involving makeup and books. Yes books. Not in the way you might think, but in a more creative way that I hope you'll be just as excited about as I am. This will all start soon enough, maybe in a few weeks as I have to go out of town here on Wednesday (5/07/14) and I'm not quite certain when I'll be back. It shouldn't take no more than a week though, so lets plan for May 20th for everything to officially change.

If you have any ideas, comments, or concerns please let me know! This blog is just as much as yours as it is mine... even though I have all the power. *muah ha ha*

See you soon,



  1. Miss you on Instagram. Can't wait to see the new blog.

    1. Hey!! I miss you too! My cell phones battery litterally exploded and I haven't been able to reppace it yet. I hope to be able tp blog again soon but we're in the process of moving and can only get internet when we go into town, which is hardly ever. So much has happened and I can't wait to tell you all about them. : )


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